|| Wholesale || Concrete Candle Vessels

|| Wholesale || Concrete Candle Vessels

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(To discuss options prior to ordering, please email: info@concretedesigncompany.com)


These vessels hold 9.5oz of wax with 1/8 of an inch room from the top

These pieces are made to order, mix and match options welcome with a minimum of 25pc per color

Wholesale pricing available || MOQ 100

Lids without Vessel purchase are $3



Caring for your concrete vessel

Reusing your Vessel

Soy wax can easily be removed from the vessels so you can use your vessel for something useful.  You can do either of the following: 

Pop in the freezer for an hour or so, remove from freezer and with a butter knife break up the frozen wax.  It comes out pretty easily and then when the vessel is at room temperature wash with warm soapy water. Never pour boiling water into your concrete vessel as this will most likely crack the concrete.  

Hairline Cracks in Concrete

Occasionally hairline cracking may occur with your concrete vessel. Concrete is prone to hairline cracking and we cannot guarantee this won't happen.  It won't affect the way your candle burns.   Should your candle crack severely we will happily provide you with a replacement vessel but please contact us in the first instance if you experience problems.

Caring for Concrete

Concrete plates, concrete vessels or concrete mats have been sealed with a water-based protective sealer. However, with washing and use over time this will deplete. To get the most from your concrete product don't wash repeatedly and please don't place in the dishwasher. Note, lemon juice, red wine and oily foods may stain the concrete plates or mats. Ideally placing cooking paper on the bottom of the concrete will protect the surface from staining if you are serving up oily or wet foods.